Le principali caratteristiche dei raccordi per tubi in PE

Tempo: 2022-04-21 Colpi : 33

1 long service life.  Under normal conditions, the minimum life span is 50 years.  

2. Good hygiene.  PE pipe non-toxic, does not contain heavy metal additives, no scaling, no bacteria, a good solution to the problem of drinking water secondary

pollution.  Comply with GB/T 17219 safety evaluation standard and relevant health safetyevaluation regulations of the Ministry of Health.  

3. Can withstand the corrosion of a variety of chemical media;  No electrochemical corrosione.  

4. The inner wall is smooth, the friction coefficient is very low, the passing ability ofthe medium is improved accordingly and has excellent wear resistance.  

5. Good flexibility, high impact strength, strong earthquake and distortion resistance.  

6. Light weight, convenient transportation and installation.  

7. The unique electric fusion connection, hot fusion butt and hot fusion socket connection technology make the interface strength higher than the pipe body, ensuring the safety and reliability of the interface.  

8. The welding process is simple, the construction is convenient, the comprehensive cost of the project is low.  

9. PE environmental protection and health water supply pipe DN20 ~ DN90 is blue, above DN110 is blue or black with blue line, other colors must be customized, accessories color corresponding to the pipe.  

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